• Our daughter in SK absolutely loves the after-care program at Children’s Forest. She really enjoys the varied activities and programs, especially the cooking/baking, yoga, and doing sports with Coach Josh. The PA day program is amazing, with fun and unique activities compared to other programs. The flexible hours that Children’s Forest offers make the program customizable to your needs, which is a major benefit for us. We also really like the ongoing communication and receiving pictures and updates on a regular basis.

    Kelly B.

  • I continue to be absolutely delighted at the depth of programming and quality of care at Children’s Forest. I’m amazed that an after-school program can offer so much; instructor-led sports, structured homework time, creative time, science experiments, free PA Daycare, take-home crafts like t-shirts and pumpkins, and a tremendous investment in the children from the staff. At our previous daycare, my daughter felt a 5:00 pick up time was late. At Children’s Forest, I quite often find myself lining up with other parents around 6:00 while our kids try to negotiate for just a few more minutes.

    Kris P.

  • The programming offered by Children’s Forest is exemplary and full of variety. The mix of team and individual sports has improved my child’s confidence and he is now willing to give new things a try. The best part is that he wants to do his homework, so he can “get it done and out of the way for fun”. I highly recommend this program.

    Nicole M.

  • My daughter had a fantastic time at Children’s Forest. The staff was great, the programming was a lot of fun and it was a great change in the afternoon – to go from school, get some fresh air and then see her after school friends. I loved the flexibility and the fact the there was dedicated time for homework.

    Gillian P.

  • We were so pleased to find a resource like Children’s Forest right in our neighbourhood. From the programming to the staff, to the caring and warm way that Children’s Forest makes everyone welcome – we could not have asked for a better after school program for our ten-year-old son. We highly recommend Children’s Forest!

    Susan U.

  • At pick-up time, my kids literally never want to leave. They are always incredibly busy with purpose in one activity or another and it amazes me, as a teacher myself, how engaged the students are all the time.

    Brian R.